Faguni: Login-Registration forms for developers & freelancers


🦚 Description 🦚

Faguni project is built on NextJs framework and is dedicated to solve the problems of ReactJs developers / freelancers. It has been seen often that ReactJs developers are great at Javascript coding but are not as much proficient when it comes to styling.

At this time we can use four different approaches to style out ReactJs project. First, we can use Normal CSS in our project, then second we can use Styled Components, third we can use CSS Modules and the fourth one is SCSS. So, it is mind-boggling for a developer who is not good at styling and it is also a very time-consuming process to develop a Form from scratch.

We do not have any quick and cheap (in terms of money) solution to deliver to our clients. In this project, we have developed 10 different types of beautiful, creative, and attractive forms. Each form is developed by using all above mentioned 4 types of styling approaches.

So, developers just need to grab the code and plug it into their own project. After, few changes freelance developer can deliver it to the client happily

Blogging feature is also available in this project. Admin just need to push the content in the MDX format.

🦚 Technology 🦚

  • Javascript

  • ReactJs

  • NextJs

  • Styled Components

  • Sass

  • CSS Modules

  • CSS

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